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instructions on how to overcome the tasks the fastest in the game subway surfers

Subway surfers include two tasks, daily tasks and main tasks online. Daily tasks are the tasks the player will have to be completed in 24 hours, Please collect the letters as required during the run. If you have not done it after 24 hours to reset the task. The letters will appear in the running, this task easy to do but very attractive prizes, from the 5th day onwards you will get more interesting gift box is lost.
instructions on how to overcome the tasks the fastest in the game subway surfers
The main task is to follow routes throughout the game, completing all three tasks, you can receive the next task. If so, then you can hardly buy Bonus Mission Skip to ignore tasks and perform new tasks.
Lane running at a certain time in 1 - Stay in the same land
Subway Surfers, Tasks the player must run in a lane natural, and will not be passed in time required lane. This task if you scroll below ground will be extremely difficult to wait until the Bonus Jetpack just do it this task, because in flight you will not have to avoid obstacles, the task in Subway Surfers will be very easy to complete. Let Jake autorun fixed in one lane not ply to eat gold
Pick up the mysterious box on the track - Pick Up Mystery Box
This task is quite simple and you just need to pick up 1 to 2 mystery box on the road in the first innings. Try to maintain the running time to be able to pick up gifts lost if lucky you will finish very quickly.
Jump into the train is running - Jump Over Train
You will accomplish this task when there are Bonus Super Sneakers, at which point you will be able to jump over the train is running without worrying about anything. With this bonus thenhay Jake has very high to avoid the obstacles that still collect gold.
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