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The items in the subway surfers

Subway surfers is a game to attract more players, with simple gameplay, stunning graphics remain the choice of many people after stressful working hours. To play the game, players should be aware of the uses of the items that the game offers.
The items in the subway surfers
Main hoverboard skateboard in the game Subway Surfers help you move faster, as well as the security guard fled the station with aggressive dogs as quickly as possible. When this property skateboard you will be flying in the air flying 30 seconds without worrying about crashing
Jetpack is extremely boosters in the game Subway Surfers dangerous, when owning this item you will be tied more missiles at their feet, help fly fast and ultra-fast speed in a certain time period. You can earn free Jetpack runs on his line, and then use the collected soon after, this time you can avoid all obstacles along the way, nice fast as rockets fly.
Super Sneakers items are equally dangerous and remote help to increase the height of the jump usual, this is such items as shoe springs, can earn free on its running track.
Coin Maget was dubbed a miracle magnets, as well as the name it can absorb all encountered gold coins on the track, so you simply need to collect other objects encountered on the road, gold coins also be assured on the ability of Coin Maget
Mega Headstart likely shorten your journey, when owning this item you no longer have to worry about the pursuit of protecting paunchy uncle too. This kind of items that can be collected through the mysterious gift boxes on the track or purchase in the game shop system for 2000 coins.
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