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Subway Surfers surf on smartphone games

Subway Surfers is the game is played a lot in 2014 with the game play is quite simple and gentle but extremely attractive, just try once played can be addictive immediately with the player. Subway Surfers is the action adventure game, you will be moving non-stop, and avoid the obstacles on the way to protect their networks is similar to Temple Run 2.
 Subway Surfers surf on smartphone games
When you play Subway Surfers will experience the speed and avoid the obstacles on the road, pass the wagon and picked wisely plenty coins along the way to increase the power and pace yourself. Subway Surfers is designed quite simple and playful youthful colors will surely bring you hours of relaxation on the mobile.
Graphics and sound in the game is very lively and fun creating something new in the gameplay, you play as the mischievous kid is Jake, Tricky and Fresh fled the city when police trng has graffiti on the train carriages. You'll just have to run and use skis to run quickly and avoid the obstacles on the way to be clever to avoid a police siege hanging behind.
Subway Surfers Features:
- The new version the next trip around the world to the United Kingdom.
- New London landscape with snow-covered.
- Catch as many gifts in the event Weekly Hunts
- Buddy, funny snowman join your team
- Unlock skateboards and additional snowflake ultra cool skateboard
Hurry download the game Subway Surfers on your phone so do not miss this extremely attractive game, besides do not forget to download more games and game Asphalt 8 quiz
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