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How to earn more coins in the game subway surfers

Subway Surfers is a game a lot of people shaking love, play a simple but attractive players, probably due to its addictive nature. Characters in the game are the favorite of young doctors painted graffiti protection was chased station for graffiti and the carriages in the station, the journey begins with a lot of interesting challenges, to gaming and many more exciting experiences you need to have more money to buy items and much more. In this article to download the game for your phone send you some great tips Game Subway Surfers rails uproar earn the most gold.
How to earn more coins in the game subway surfers
Running and running which is considered the easiest way to make a lot of gold, because on the way gold can occur if you get Free Coins or Mystery Boxes. Meanwhile mystery gift boxes and free continuous trend appears when you run.
Check Daily Challenges and complete daily tasks and increase its own reward. To accomplish this task, you need to collect all the letters out is required to be collected daily. Note in Subway Surfers that the devices need an Internet connection at the time the timer hits 00:00:00 to upgrade and get new daily tasks.
A large amount of gold coins that can be set at random:
Running: you can get 1 to 2 items on each run, when finished let characters crash into obstacles if you want to. Running from scratch and earn extra items.
Ministry tasks: x30? Complete quests to earn more additional Super Mystery Boxes!
Daily tasks: completing the task sequence Daily Challenges 5 days in a row to get 1 Super Mystery Box.
Open prize Mystery Box Prizes: you can get 200-250, 500, 1000, 1500, 5000 even if the lucky 100,000 open gift box. Super Mystery Boxes even award of this kind also double gift box Mystery Box.
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